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Looking for a Ladies group to play with?

Check out the Delaware chapter of the Executive Womne's Golf Association (EWGA)

The Ed Oliver's Ladies Association will begin play in April...
membership fee is just $10. 

They play on Saturdays 18 holes at 8 am.
For more information contact Nancy Jordan at



Holiday Gift Specials

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Holiday Lesson Specials...

These programs and rates will be good till 12/31/2015 and I hope you can find something for yourself or others ...
I will also be glad to discuss any other ideas if what you want is not here...
we can customize a program for you or as a gift.
Please call me at 610-724-3913 and I can mail your gift certificate directly to you or your a gift bag!

5 -Hour Coaching Package

Can be used for ...
On course, Skills, Practice video and more...
$395. (reg. $500)

Play, Practice & Learn

2 on course sessions (1 hour each), 1 hour practice session, 1 hour skills development

$350 (reg. $375)

Skills Package

Three 1/2 hour excel in all parts of the game 
$125. (reg. $175)

Coaching and Skills

This is one on course session 1 1/2 hr and 2- 1/2 skills sessions. 
$190. (reg. $235.)

Holiday discount on series....
4 -1/2 hr sessions   $180 (reg. $195)
4- 1 hr. sessions $360 (reg. $375)




Ed Oliver Golf Club, 800 N.DuPont Road Wilmington, Delaware, 19807.

Welcome to Complete Game Coaching with Rebecca Dengler...... 

"Becky" is an LPGA Master and PGA Class A Professional (one of only 200 dual members) who coaches all levels of players at all parts of the game.

If you're reading this, you're looking for a better approach to learning the game of golf.

We all know that golf instruction for a lot of players has not been very helpful. It is a common occurrence that many players get more frustrated with golf instruction rather than improving. In fact, many players and teachers seem to think you need to get worse before you get better.

Perhaps this is why many players quit the game altogether.

I promise to teach differently!

We will work together, coaching you, to find out what you want and what you need to get there.  We will do this by looking at all aspect of you and the game to figure out what you need to play your best.  This includes helping you play and perform ON THE GOLF COURSE, not just the driving range!

I look forward to hearing and helping you out!